We, PT Pakarti Tirtoagung, start the business with oil and gas facilities maintenance, offshore turbomachinery, to be exact. We start building trust from client, technically as well as the way we conduct our business.

Based on client trust, our portfolio is expanding to minor offshore construction, engineering aspect, start up and commissioning of production facilities and also advancement of maintenance aspect. We grow and expand our portfolio in Predictive maintenance for rotating equipment, reliability analysis and working on CMMS (Computerized Maintenance Management System) implementation.

We build our business based on trust and respect, thus, we have no intention to take any advantage from client problem. We ensure that our client will get the benefit before we earn our interest.

Our partners are going thru a qualification process, not only from technical competency, but also going thru business commitment and high quality standard. This will ensure our service to our client always in high quality standard.
Having above, we are very confidence to continue providing a high quality service to our client and work together to adapt to current low crude oil price.

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