Bitumen Storage Facilites

Cirebon Port

Location Cirebon Sea Port, West Jawa
  ISO 9001; OSHAS Certificate; UMKL
Acquired since 2015
Number of Tank (Capacity)
#1 1100MT (16M Dia X 6M H)
#2 2250MT (17.8M Dia X 9M H)
#3 2250MT (17.8M Dia X 9M H)
Facilities 1 Unit diesel fueled 1,000,000 kCal/hour Oil Heater
  Pipeline 6" Wharf to Plant 400Meter
  Port Draft capable to longside 3000 MT capacity ship
  Diesel Genset 150kVA and PLN electricity
  3 Transper pump each 50MT / hours
  Weigh bridge
  K300 concrete road access inside plant
  Two stories office building, Laboraty Room, Warehouse, Mushola, Driver Rest Room
  Fully automatic Inventory and Plant control using PLC based digital control instrumentation.
  Bitumen Inventory Distribution System web based data aplication.
Crews and supervisory Truck loading operation, Ship unloading activity, plant Maintenance




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